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Please note

As of fall 2021, the Teichert lab has moved to TU Chemnitz, see here for more information.

Welcome to the Teichert Group

from left to right: Mahadeb Gorai, Martin Casey, Johannes Teichert, Gaëlle Betrand, Benyapa Kaewmee, Birte Zimmermann, Lea Brechmann, Trung Tran Ngoc, Dimitrios-Ioannis Tzaras

News: The Teichert group is now on Twitter

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Research in the Group

The group is generally interested in the development of synthetic methods with a high atom efficiency, in order to reduce the overall waste generated (green and sustainable chemistry). In this vein, the use of dihydrogen (H2) in catalytic transformations as possible replacement for stoichiometrically used reducing agents has been a main focus of research.

In the projects dealing with method development, the group strives to develop catalysts which allow for high control of chemo-, regio- and/or stereoselectivity in the production of useful synthetic building blocks in organic chemistry. In this vein, we take two main approaches: On the one hand, we are interested in new reactivity employing readily available 3d metals (base metals). On the other hand, we aim at the use of dihydrogen (H2) not primarily in hydrogenation reactions, but rather in catalytic hydride transfer reactions and H2-mediated reductive coupling reactions, among others.

The group is also interested in the development of bifunctional catalysts, which allow for fundamentally new transformations. Especially the combination of transition metal catalysis and organocatalysis has been a center of attention.

Next to the projects more oriented at method development, we have also started a program on target-oriented synthesis, with a current focus on caged hydrocarbon framworks. Stay tuned!


Check out the research page for more details.

Projects Available

The Teichert group is always looking for prospective members. If you are highly motivated and enjoy research in the field of organic chemistry and catalysis you are welcome to contact Johannes directly. Positions for graduate students are available on a regular basis. Topics for Bachelor and Master theses as well as for research internships are available on request.

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Prof. Dr. Johannes F. Teichert

Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Chemie
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D-10623 Berlin

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